Petition Signing Event Success Story!

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Petition Signing Event Success Story!

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Petition Signing Success Story

We collected about 180 signatures this weekend during our Petition Signing Event standing on a street corner in our home town in the SF Bay Area!
I wanted to share what I did to bring people to us who were eager to sign. We have a small town newspaper & I used it to get the word out about our signing event. I sent a letter to the editor explaining the initiative AND told where and when we would be collecting signatures . I also had this small newspaper put our signing event in their calendar section. The week before I put out 125 door hangers-on each of the door hangers I added an Avery label to each hanger that said where/when they could sign in town. Finally, a couple of days before my signing, I posted information on Nextdoor (in the widest area I could) informing about the initiative AND gave the where/when to sign. We had a steady stream of people coming for both of the days of our event. We asked most signers how they heard about the signing event and probably 60% stated they saw it in the paper,about 30% read it on the Nextdoor, 15% were told about from others by word of mouth and 5% from the door hangers. Many of these folks asked for petitions themselves so I anticipate getting more out of this weekend through the folks we met.
I think using print media and social media is best because the senior citizens don’t use social media and they are very concerned about passing a legacy to their families. The younger folks are seeing it on social media and not reading papers so best to try both methods.
If you are nervous about doing a signing -I understand! I was too but I want to tell you the people we met were 99% lovely folks AND they were grateful that we were collecting signatures for this. We have such a short time left to get the signatures so it is time to leave our comfort zones and get out there to get tons of signatures!
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Re: Petition Signing Event Success Story!

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That's awesome! Thanks for sharing your tips for a successful event! :-)
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